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2011 New Mexico Book Awards Finalist & 2013 New Mexico – Arizona Book Awards Finalist

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“Everything I Eat Nourishes Me offers a refreshing, revolutionary approach to both cooking and eating, one which eliminates the taboos and guilts previously attached to delicious food. The recipes vary from elegant to down-home fare. This is food that you can go into the kitchen and make yourself – food that not only makes you feel good when you are eating it, but also when you are cooking it. This down-to-earth cookbook shows us the nurturing power of food, feeds the soul with its powerful, positive affirmations and encourages us to trust our inner choices.”

- Sandra Squadrilli, chef and former owner of Entre Nous, Café Kabul and Sandra’s Restaurant in New York City


“This work comes from the heart. Its personalized approach to the mind-body connection around food makes it transcend more conventional books on recipes. I will never think of food in the same way again.”

- Lynne Hendrick, multimedia artist


“A sumptuous feast of a book! A celebration of the art of home cooking, redolent with the spice of life. Each cherished recipe is an open invitation to partake in food shared and enjoyed over generations and cultures. A pleasurable and soul-satisfying banquet where everyone has a place at the table.”

- Patricia Reis, writer and psychotherapist

Everything I Eat Nourishes Me: a Cookbook For Body & Soul

by Aline Fourier

published by Creative Response, Inc. 2010

An adventure in cooking, eating, and personal empowerment, Everything I Eat Nourishes Me presents a unique collection of recipes and stories from the eclectic kitchen. The book’s underlying premise that thoughts, feelings and personal memories associated with the dishes we create and eat are ingested with the food itself, expands the definition of “nourishment” from nutrition to sustenance. This encourages readers to allow curiosity, joy, pleasurable memories and loving thoughts to guide food choices. Everything I Eat Nourishes Me recalls the culinary customs of our ancestors worldwide, empowers readers to take charge of their nourishment, and offers a balanced approach to a future of good health. 

8.5" x 8.5"  •  160 PAGES
Full color illustrations and photographs throughout
Soft Cover   •  ISBN 978-0-9653559-1-9
USA $24.95   •  CANADA $29.95


Erskine Wolf

written by Martha Baxter Haake and Aline Fourier, illustrated by Aline Fourier

published by Creative Response, Inc. 2010

This is the story of a small family of wolves who are unlike any other. Erskine Wolf, their brave ringleader, leads them on an adventure into the dark recesses of their Oregon cave home. There they discover the
mystery of their lost wolf past. This amazing journey brings many surprises and unexpected gifts. 

"Erskine Wolf is a fun-filled adventure sure to engage and enchant young readers everywhere. Aline Fourier's illustrations capture the spirit of the saga with her delightful digital drawings. What a great way for children to inquire and learn about their ancestral past."

- Sandi Wright, award-winning artist and author of The Adventures of Santa Fe Sam

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Salt Marsh Reflections

by Zachary Daniel Burack and Aline Fourier

published by Creative Response, Inc. 1996

A unique handmade book of vision and verse from a mother to her son.

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Personal Strokes

An Artist's Journal

by Aline Fourier

published by Creative Response, Inc. 1996

"Personal Strokes, An Artist Journal is about my struggle to be, to listen, to believe in what comes from my deep inner core, to embrace my creations and to celebrate them. It is my hope and prayer that this journal that chronicles my opening will inspire you to appreciate, trust and love your rainbow colors and invite you to dance to your own inner melody." -AF

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Alchemy of Magic: Paint Print Stone

A guidebook for creativity, magic and transformation

by James F. Jereb, PhD

published by Creative Response, Inc. 2022

Alchemy of Magic: Paint Print Stone is a personal spiritual odyssey of James Jereb, visionary artist and alchemist and the founder of Stardreaming, a sacred site for the Rainbow Race and New Earth. The book is Jereb's journey, spiritually and artistically, that guided the creation of Stardreaming. 

Buy it at

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Spirit * Magic * Light

A Visionary Meditation for Enlightenment 

by James F. Jereb, PhD

published by Creative Response, Inc. 2016

Spirit * Magic * Light is a compilation of paintings by James F. Jereb, Ph.D., visionary artist and founder of Stardreaming. The 113 paintings in this book are for spiritual seekers who want to recover sacred wisdom and awaken a shift in human consciousness. James Jereb’s primary spiritual guide in this journey was Lord Ganesha, who prophesized that he would create a matrix of color, light and sound to raise consciousness. This body of work is the magnitude of that transmission. Buy it at

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Curry, Korma & Kebab

A Culinary Journey Through India 

by Chef Paddy Rawal

published by Creative Response, Inc. 2016

Move away from the traditional and classical Indian recipes found in every other cookbook and refresh your repertoire with a wider variety of dishes, tastes and flavors. The recipes in “Curry, Korma & Kebab” are an adventure into India, from the remote to some of the most popular culinary locations on the globe. Chef Paddy Rawal grew up in a family of seven in Bombay (Mumbai) India. Working as a restaurants throughout India, Egypt, London, Dubai and Australia and in the film industry expanded his culinary and hospitality acumen. In 2001, Paddy moved to the U.S. with a hundred dollars in his pocket. Following his father’s advice to “do whatever you do with commitment and passion,” Paddy became executive chef of the modern Indian cuisine restaurant Raaga (sweet melody) in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He even won a cooking competition against celebrity chef Bobby Flay on the Food Network.

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