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An Ode to Dying

Aline Fourier, Passage, mixed media on paper, 30 x 30 inches

My Mother, how small

you are becoming

in your earthly color,

as earth recedes,

spirit is rising.

Sadness and joy fill my eyes

as I pray for

the Goddess of Dying

to enfold us in

her knowing arms,

to guide us

with dignity and grace

in our losing of human touch,

no more meeting flesh to flesh...

...and I see my Father

reach his long arm through

to take your hand,

Mother, he is waiting...

tears and rejoicing,

love is united, reunited.

The words trip

over my heart,

tightness filled with

the conflicts of dying,

I do not want

to lose you,

your physical presence...

and I am filled

with happiness

as you move into

the lightness of your being

free of pain

free of limitation

free of the dying sighs of diminishment...

I see you in all your beauty,

a youthful soul with

a wide smile in your eyes,

surrounded by fire red hair,

a quick mind

and the ardor of being.

When you are ready, my heart goes through the portal with you....

(I wrote this poem and created the painting “Passage” when my mother was dying of colon cancer. I showed it to her and she asked me to read the poem at her funeral. It was serendipitous that it came out in 10 verses which I designed into a tablet)


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