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Dream State Experience from September 3, 1977

A close friend of mine, Blanche Montgomery, has died at the age of 84 from cancer. We use to

sit and talk in her lovely garden about life in all its diverse expressions. I had this dream where

we were sitting around a table with dull flowers in the center. Someone was to give the eulogy

for my dear friend. Whoever gave the eulogy did not say much about Blanche and I felt he didn't

really know her.

I felt the flowers didn't represent her either, except for the roses. She had a most well-tended

beautiful garden and people came from all over to see it. Then everyone left. I was still sitting at

the table and my friend appears next to me, young and very happy. We begin to communicate

together through our thoughts. She tells me I must speak with her husband Jim( who since her

death was very desolate) about my dream communication with her and tell him that she is very

happy and that he must not grieve. We continue laughing together and she again urges me to

tell her husband that she is happy and he must not grieve. Afterward I relate this dream to Jim

who also has had a dream of her as happy and well and we seem to know, although all around

are mourning, that Blanche is in a beautiful place. We share that peace together. (Jim joined his

love shortly after this exchange)



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